Market Garden Park Community Garden offers a range of items to help raise funds for the support of the garden. If you are interested in any of the items shown below, please fill out the form and someone will contact you.


Large Apron

Hand made, Large red polka dot apron. 100% cotton. Price $20

Jug & Washbasin

Jug 21 x 15 cm
Bowl 30cm diameter x 8cm high

Potted Strawberries

Small pots
Large pot
Large pot

Healthy potted strawberry plants grown without pesticides. Well priced at $3 for small pots and $5 for larger pots.

Bulk price available on application for purchase of 50 pots or more.

Interested? Complete and submit the form on this page to arrange pick up or drop off. Alternately come to MGP at one of the meeting times ( Wed mornings or 1st and 3rd Sat of the month)


Triple layered cotton masks stitched by Maggie. $5 each

Maggie can tailor adjust to your face


3 large chook door stops or paperweights
– each filled with a separate bag of fine river sand
– approximately 700-820 grs
– fabric is heavy gingham cotton
– price range $10, $9, and $8
10 small chooks each filled with rice and cloves
My name is ‘Matilda Chook’, and I am a friend of every cook.
Place me in your kitchen zone and watch those little ants go home!
-​cloves may deter ants
-​fabric is heavy   gingham cotton
-​ filled on 1.11.2020
-​priced at $6 each
Made in Australia and free range