Welcome to our Community Garden


Located at Mowbray Place, Willoughby, Market Garden Park (MGP) Community Garden operates on Willoughby Council land. It is run and maintained by an enthusiastic group of local volunteers committed to learning about and implementing sustainable, organic and bush-friendly fruit and vegetable gardening

We see ourselves as part of movement with goals and a vision to foster health and well-being for individuals, family groups and the environment.


*minimal importing of resources

*re-use existing materials where possible

*where possible, re-use waste generated on site


*no artificial pesticides or herbicides

*use of non-hybrid plant seeds

*naturally generated fertilisers


*prevent weed infestation without harming wildlife

*provide habitat for native fauna

*contain nutrients within beds

 Featuring seasonal produce, community working bees, workshops, gardening advice and more, 

we feel sure you will enjoy the community garden as much as we do!

Discover what’s in season and
what’s coming up 

Regular meetings are held every Wed and Saturday mornings, 9.30am @ Mowbray Place, Willoughby, NSW, 2068

Membership is $25 per year plus joining fee of $1 

Learn what to cook
with our seasonal recipes
Fun for the whole family!

Discover more about our community garden

Towards Spring 2021 .. happenings in the community garden

Under lockdown conditions garden members have been maintaining the garden and preparing for Spring. Adapting to the circumstances we’ve been visiting the garden daily in pairs during July and August, while keeping appropriate social distance.  Spirits have been recently lifted with a generous donation of seedlings and other goodies from …

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Appeared during lockdown

Some people know how to creatively lift up those who pass by.  It was beautiful to find this when it appeared on the path at our community garden on 23 July 2021. So much pleasure spread around by this one kind action.

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Mini cauliflowers shaping up as Winter 2021 prize crop

This week’s gardeners (gardening in isolation) have been excited to spot at least 10 gorgeous little cauli heads forming. Some are still very small but the plant leaves are enormous and we’re hoping that with great photosynthesis as well as potassium feeds, these little heads are going to continue to …

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What’s Growing, Winter 2021

What’s going gangbusters right now? Heads have formed on 5 broccoli plants.  Our broad beans are almost in flower. Potatoes are looking good from above ground. We have just 2 artichoke plants but they are super dooper and garlic is growing well but in it for the long haul yet. …

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Gardening Report by Duke of Edinburgh student, Ally

I am Ally and this week Nee asked me if I would like to write the Saturday morning garden report. I happily accepted to do so! This Saturday ( 26/6/2021) I learnt so much and we got quite a bit done. I also got to meet Le-Anne and Rufina for …

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Mandy’s Guide to Fertilising in the Garden

Mandy’s explanations may help decide when and why to use the following products and tonics in the garden. Seasol: is a seaweed concentrate. This is very good for watering in seedlings, or better still, soaking their roots briefly before planting. Seaweed contains a lot of phosphorus which is good for …

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