MGP community garden runs on the goodwill and voluntary labour of local volunteers and supporters.

Community Gardeners are responsible for safe maintenance, upkeep and activation of the garden space for the enjoyment of the community. Each member needs to agree to the gardeners’ guidelines which set a common direction and shared values for the garden. The Co-ordinator will provide a copy of the guidelines to new members to read and sign when joining the garden.

To enable us to continue functioning we also need to buy supplies such as soil, compost, fertiliser, seeds etc

For this we rely on membership fees and fundraising efforts of some very committed gardeners.

An annual membership fee of $25 per calendar year is requested each January.

Becoming a member entitles you to share the produce we have grown, which is distributed among attendees at weekly garden meets on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

MGP Members Guidelines

MGP community garden embraces sustainable, organic and bush-friendly philosophies while providing opportunities for:

  • learning the principles of organic gardening 
  • sharing gardening knowledge with each other and the community 
  • teaching residents about recycling, water and waste reduction, composting and other techniques associated with sustainable living 
  • hosting events for the wider community such as gardening workshops, school and kindergarten visits, Neighbour Day events etc
  • meeting and socialising with like-minded people, and 
  • welcoming all members of the local community 
  1. Garden members are expected to encourage healthy soils, companion planting, biodiversity and crop rotation to promote good plant health and natural pest and disease control.
  2. Garden members must observe efficient water use in the garden, incorporating techniques such as hand watering and mulching where possible. Sydney Water restrictions must be observed and complied with.
  3. Garden members are expected to prevent weed infestation without harming wildlife, and provide habitat for native fauna as appropriate.
  4. Garden members are responsible for establishing and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, friendly and respectful garden atmosphere. 
  5. Everyone is encouraged to learn, share and participate safely in the pleasure of gardening. This includes people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Children may require friendly reminders to take care. Parents /carers are responsible for their children, grandchildren or those in their care.
  6. Language used should be suitable for a family environment and never abusive, threatening or rude. 
  7. Unless a specific social occasion has been arranged, alcohol is not to be consumed at the garden and smoking is not allowed.
  8. Gardeners are responsible to sign in and out when they work in the garden.
  9. As a communal /shared garden members work together on all parts of the garden. Produce will be shared among those members who participate in working together on the garden.
  10. Safety is important in the garden and needs to be in the forefront of gardeners minds at all times.  The Co-ordinator will provide a safety orientation to new garden members on the first day. Garden members are expected to be mindful of keeping themselves and others safe. If you see a potential danger or experience a ‘near miss’, inform the Co-ordinator who will make a record for future action.
  11. Gardeners are responsible to keep the garden area tidy and hazard free. Tools, including hoses, should not be left on pathways. No electrical or motorised equipment is to be used without the permission of the Co-ordinator
  12. Any disputes should be resolved amicably. If this is not possible they should be referred to the Co-ordinator and Council’s Community Gardens Officer who will seek to mediate and make a decision if necessary.