What’s been growing over Summer 2021-2022

Early tomatoes were best .. later on fruit fly set in
Harvest on 22 December 2021
Fabulous figs on the way with special care from Tony.
White radish .. January 2022 Nee's pride and joy
Passionfruit flowers show their apprciation for Bronwyn's extra attention February 2022
Bush beans January 2022
Turmeric in flower Jan 2022
Butternut pumpkin in the rosemary
Super sized snake beans February 2022
Okra seed saved by Nee from last year's super crop
Okra flowers are so pretty
Loads of basil this year until the rains set in and they turned black with necrosis
Corn looking so promising Nov 2021
Corn still holding promise January 2022
This year rats realised the promise of the corn
Cucs and zucs in Jan 2022
January 2022

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