What’s Growing, Winter 2021

What’s going gangbusters right now? Heads have formed on 5 broccoli plants.  Our broad beans are almost in flower. Potatoes are looking good from above ground. We have just 2 artichoke plants but they are super dooper and garlic is growing well but in it for the long haul yet. …

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Garden Goings On

Digging up peanuts in May 2021 was an exciting ‘first’ for the community garden. Morning tea is always a treat and  sometimes it’s cake and ukelele birthday time.  Sugar snap peas are coming along nicely from last year’s seeds saved from a bumper crop. Broad beans are looking good – …

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Purple Sweet Potato Harvest

Look what Christian unearthed this morning Jutta and Christian having fun in the dirt In amongst the foliage which is also edible ..Christian tells us that the young leaves stir fried with garlic are yummy Now that’s a satisfying morning’s play in the dirt This pretty, white skin purple-patterned flesh …

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