Purple Sweet Potato Harvest

Look what Christian unearthed this morning Jutta and Christian having fun in the dirt In amongst the foliage which is also edible ..Christian tells us that the young leaves stir fried with garlic are yummy Now that’s a satisfying morning’s play in the dirt This pretty, white skin purple-patterned flesh …

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Great crop of okra at the moment. Sometimes called ladies’ fingers, okra forms slender pod-shaped fruits full of round white seeds. When cooked develops a slimy, gelatinous texture that makes it good for thickening soups and stews. Frying removes the slimy factor – check out the recipe section for a …

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Eggplant varieties include oval, long and globe fruit forms with purple, white or green skins. They require a sunny, sheltered site and deep, fertile, well drained soil. Eggplants need high humidity and don’t like to dry out. They are best picked when at their shiniest, tending to go bitter as …

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