May 2022

Autumn is drawing into Winter now and still plenty of La Nina rain continues to fall. Interspersed with sunshine this can be a gardeners recipe for happiness .. we shall see.

The star activity of May was a marathon day assembling our new garden shed in the rain on 12 May. Special thanks to Willoughby Council for their contractors Hamish and Jay who pulled it all together. They also paved for us in front of the new shed as well as along the back side of the accessible raised garden beds.

Crop-wise the lettuces are looking beautiful and being harvested a few leaves here and there to create small salads. Little red radishes are also popping up.

Jerusalem artichokes were the bumper crop of May .. we got busy googling and sharing recipes to try them out for the first time.

All gardens experience their set-backs and it was sad to see the wind knock over a few of the first planted, largest broccoli .. wouldn’t you know the unsalvageable one broken at the base of the stem had to be the one with a head already on it. Never mind the remainder have been staked and more are coming along. All this wet makes great conditions for sneaky snails and caterpillars whose eggs hide under leaves. Unchecked they can quickly demolish a young crop.

Broad beans, potatoes, snap peas, snow peas, choy sum, leek and coriander are making haste while the sun shines and progressing well so far.

Big thanks to all our gardeners .. you’re the ones who make things happen. 

Fresh young plantings as they looked on 12 May 2022
Broad beans 9 May 2022
A bumper jerusalem artichoke harvest
One of our wonderful Duke of Edinburgh students, Hamish
Snowpeas and radishes make fine companions

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