Garden happenings as Summer 2022 starts

Spring was a busy time. Working around La Nina rain, some wild winds and marauding local brush turkeys MGP gardeners have bedded in lots of warm weather crops. Loads of beans have been planted .. round green beans, bush beans, Italian flat beans. The earliest plantings are yielding already, especially the trellised beans, and successive planting should see more coming throughout the Summer. Tomatoes are also looking promising .. trellising, tying as they grow and regular watering make a difference. Eggplants, zucchini, squash, capsicum, beetroot, carrot, silverbeet, lettuce, basil and corn are also in. During the last 6 months it has been fabulous to welcome 8 new members, including some families with young children. Our amazing Duke of Edinburgh students remain wonderful. Many hands spread the load!

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