Silvana’s Crumbed ‘Spinach’ Stalks

If we’re not mistaken Silvana’s Italian heritage twinkles in this yummy idea for using the stalks of chard.

Often referred to as spinach, rainbow chard is flourishing in the garden at this early Spring time. It comes as white-stemmed (Swiss chard), red-stemmed and yellow-stemmed (golden chard).

1. Cut green leaves from the stalks. The green leafy bits can be steamed, added to soups or made into spinach pie.

2. Cut the stalks into medium sized pieces and steam ‘al dente’. Allow them to cool.

3. Beat one egg ( or more if needed) and dip stalks into egg mixture, then into breadcrumbs.

4. The crumbed stalks can then be fried in light olive oil.

5. Once you’ve arranged the crumbed stalks on a plate you can sprinkle them with grated parmesan cheese and buon appetito.

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