What’s Growing, Spring & Summer 2020/2021

As this wettish Summer unfolds it’s difficult not to remember last year’s drought, searing heat and fires with relief, gratitude and a desire to support our environment. The presence of coronavirus remains in the forefront of our daily awareness, although one positive from the lockdown has been a spike in interest around gardening and self-sufficiency.

Warm climate Spring crops at MGP included super delicious harvests of snap peas, snow peas and broad beans. There have been prolific crops of silverbeet and rainbow chard ( some of which we sold at the garage sale trail), red and white (daikon) radish, strawberries, various bean varieties ( bush, broad, butter, purple climbing, snake), salad greens including rocket, endives, mizuna and cos lettuce plus some tomatoes.

Now it’s January 2021 and well into Summer. We’re still harvesting plenty of beans. Tomatoes are continuing to ripen slowly with the little ones (cherries and roma) offering more consistency but still some nice larger ones developing too. The strawberry beds encircling our fruit trees continue to produce. We had a nice little harvest of sweet corn in December. Just beginning to be picked now are cucumbers, okra, zucchini, eggplants, capsicums, and chillies. More lettuces have just been planted. You might like to check out the recipe section for a (not too) spicy vegetarian medley using many of these ingredients.

The very first of a crop is always incredibly exciting to see
These beans and silverbeet were shared at the last meeting just before Christmas
Lynette’s fennel looking young and delicious

2 thoughts on “What’s Growing, Spring & Summer 2020/2021”

  1. Bronwyn Guthrie

    Looking forward to meeting some of the group on a Wednesday in the next few weeks (March,2021).
    regards Bronwyn from Castlecrag

    1. We look forward to meeting you too Bronwyn .. this rain deluge is hopefully coming to an end and it’ll be pleasant to be out meeting friends in the garden again.

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