Towards Spring 2021 .. happenings in the community garden

Under lockdown conditions garden members have been maintaining the garden and preparing for Spring. Adapting to the circumstances we’ve been visiting the garden daily in pairs during July and August, while keeping appropriate social distance. 

Spirits have been recently lifted with a generous donation of seedlings and other goodies from Bunnings. Together with seeds raised by Nee and others Spring planting is getting underway. 

Annette successfully sold our potted strawberry runners in a covid-safe way to locals within a 5 km radius .. discovering quite an appetite for seedlings. On 10 October we were thrilled to receive this heart-warming message from a satisfied customer “Little Miss 3 picked her first strawberry today. The plants at daycare have been producing a lot of fruit and they made strawberry milkshakes the other day!”

Dylan with his pals Jesse and Tom earned loads of appreciation for spreading Council’s mulch delivery in the orchard area.

Meanwhile, off-site, David has been busy cutting timber and doing prep work for the accessible raised garden beds which are a work in progress. Individual gardeners have been sanding and painting one by one in the carport. 

In the meantime we’ve been harvesting cauliflowers, carrots, silverbeet, leeks and salad greens. Our broad beans and strawberries are continuing to extend their journey to maturity.

Much appreciated mulching
Solitary sanding
Working behind the scenes cutting timber
White Rabbit Child Care Centre collecting a donation of plants from MGP Community Garden
Janet with Spring seedlings donated by Bunnings Chatswood
Nee's seed-raised seedlings
Good ladybug eating aphids on the broadbeans

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  1. Well done everyone the garden is looking so productive . I didn’t have to buy a lettuce or spinach all winter as we had such a great crop .

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