Winter 2023 at MGP Community Garden

While many of our members are travelling this winter, those who are here have stepped up and the community garden seems to have just enough hands around. Welcome to new members Wayne and Nikki.

Our outdoor storage shed has been constructed with a huge thank you to David Carolan assisted by Mary Anne and other helpers.

So far this mild winter has already given us some great harvests including cauliflower, snow peas, turnips and turmeric. Broad beans are looking great. Garlic is coming along .. just need to keep the tops from being snapped! Plenty of lettuces and salad greens are doing well. 

Nee and cauliflowers
Turmeric harvest
Christian adding compost slurry to the brassicas
Potting up strawberries
Cate with carrots and radishes
Broccoli flowering to go to seed
Jutta and Zoe with turnips
Outdoor storage area under construction incorporating recycled materials
Very big thank you to David Carolan
New passionafuits going in
These broad beans got weed blitzed on 5 July
Ben and Ivan got into adding leaves and shredded paper to the compost tumblers and we sprayed with diluted peppermint oil
17 June setting up broad bean structure

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