Wet summer and now a warm start to Autumn

Summer season 2022/2023 at our community garden was good one .. plenty of rain courtesy of a long La Nina made for some great crop yields. The standout harvest was probably beans .. green beans, flat Italian beans and snake beans. These were harvested daily .. so crisp and flavoursome munched raw but also perfect for steaming or adding to just about any meal. We’ve never done as well as this year with pumpkins .. heaps of Butternut, Kent and a few Jarrahdale. Three seriously plump specimens were donated to Willoughby Council kitchen for their “At Home with Willoughby” Easter social lunch at the Dougherty Centre on 12 April 2023.

Beautiful healthy basil flourished in the raised accessible beds as did some which was companion planted among our tomatoes. Speaking of tomatoes, we had a lot of these although we have yet to master the challenge of fruit fly. Aubergines/ eggplants have done really well, still delivering as I write courtesy of the warm start to autumn. Zucchinis were good too. 

Our community of Wednesday and Saturday gardeners are amazing .. some fabulously energetic Duke of Edinburgh students,  enthusiastic new members as well as our more seasoned long termers who have formed the backbone of the garden. 

Our AGM was held on 15 March 2023 .. the committee for 2023 are Janet (President), Mandy ( Vice-President), Mary Anne (Secretary), Sue (Treasurer), Nee ( our talented Garden Planning and Planting Co-ordinator), Bronwyn and Zoe. Special mention also to Garth who co-ordinates the watering roster and Annette, outgoing treasurer. 

We’re starting now to sow cool climate crops such as cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, broad beans, sugar snap peas and snow peas, gai lan and more. 

Richard arrived with burst of energy, enthusiasm and positivity
Cate and Zoe
Chef Jason Sherwill with donated pumpkins
Mandy, Christian, Bronwyn, Richard, Maggie and Jutta
Nee, Chanel and Ken, Richard, Hamish, Cate and Zoe
Mayor Tanya Taylor, Mary Anne & Jan Felton
Bean flowers
Ella and Hamish
Saving pumpkin seeds
Duke of Edinburgh students

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